Fitted Nappies and Wraps

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      LittleLamb Fitted (sometimes called Shaped) Nappies are designed to be paired with our Reusable Nappy Wrap. Fitted nappies are extremely absorbent and are perfect for heavy wetters and nighttime use. 

      Our fitted nappies are available in cotton which is our original fitted nappy fabric, we've been producing this nappy for over 20 years. Cotton is comfortable, durable and absorbent. Just like a towel, cotton nappies will last for years and years. 

      Our Bamboo is more absorbent than cotton but does not last as long and takes longer to dry. New bamboo nappies are also incredibly soft but they will get harder over time, to soften them you can put them in the tumble drier for a quick fluff up. Bamboo is by far our most popular fitted nappy due to its incredible absorbency! 

      Pair with our Reusable Nappy Wraps for long-lasting containment.