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LittleLambs reusable swim nappy is the perfect partner to days at the beach or pool. Featuring a velcro closure and a soft lining, these swim nappies are the perfect easy reusable switch you can make today.
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    For babies who love the water. Our newest addition to the LittleLamb family is our reusabl...


I just wanted to say thank you for converting me to cloth ! I first bought a trial bamboo nappy from you whilst I was pregnant. Everyone I told that I was going to use cloth nappies, poo pooed (excuse the unintentional pun) it - saying I would change my mind once I realised how hard looking after a baby was. Audrey was only 5lb 2oz when born so I had to use disposable for the first few weeks, but once she hit 6 and a half pounds she was straight in the cloth and I've never looked back :) She's now a strapping 13lb and I get a real kick out of washing her nappies and seeing them hanging on the washing line - thanks again LittleLamb !!

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Fantastic pocket nappies.  They are much less bulky than the 2 part wrap system, and completely watertight, whereas the wrap systems seem to soak through around the cotton edges after just a short time!  These pocket nappies seem very comfortable, dry very quickly and are my favourite so far out of several nappies I've tried.  Would definitely recommend.

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Teatree oil is a blessing in our house and has been used since before my first son was born 6 years ago.  From a nappy point of view it is the ultimate sanitiser asas you only need to add a couple of drops to your wash to remove the majority of harmful bugs, germs and fungi.  I noticed when I ran out recently as my second child developed a mild rash due to my machine not washing as thoroughly as I thought it did and now recommend teatree to all my customers as the best cheep sanitiser.  My son is now on the mend and I religiously use it now.

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