How to redeem a real nappies for london voucher

How to order using a RNFL voucher

Please order online as normal paying the full price. We have to provide a full value receipt to RNFL to reclaim the voucher.

The voucher cannot be redeemed against swim nappies, nappy bags / buckets, mesh laundry liner bags, nappy cleansers, reusable wipes and any other nappy associated accessories.

If ordering a complete nappy kit which includes a nappy pail we can accept the voucher against the purchase.

The voucher is valid for one purchase only, if you do not spend the full voucher amount, any balance cannot be carried forward to be applied to another order.

As soon as you have placed your order, email your E-voucher to:

We need the actual voucher not just the code please.

As the details on your voucher must match the order details, it is easy for us to allocate the voucher to your order.

As soon as we receive the voucher from you, we will validate it online with RNFL and the voucher amount will be refunded back to the method of payment.

This process is usually completed within 24 hours of receiving the voucher from you.