Our Philosophy

LittleLamb Philosophy: why are we so passionate about reusable nappies?


LittleLamb launched online in 2004, so we are one of the oldest, most established online reusable nappy brands! At the time, we were branded 'hippies' and laughed at, and we've repeatedly spent the last 18 years telling people that reusable nappies are clean, easy to use, more comfortable for babies and, of course, better for the environment.

Every child generates approximately 6,500 disposable nappies from birth to potty in the UK. That is around one metric tonne of dirty nappies going to landfills, where it is estimated they take up to 500 years to decompose!

If even a tiny percentage of us choose cloth nappies, collectively, we can make a huge impact.

You've probably seen the phrase 'we don't need one person doing zero waste perfectly; we need lots of people doing it imperfectly" - this is precisely what we are trying to help with!

The best bit about reusable nappies? Once you've invested in a cloth nappy system, you can use those same nappies for subsequent children at no extra cost. And finally, once your children are potty trained, your nappies can be resold as pre-loved nappies, and you can recoup some of your expenses. 

At LittleLamb, we are proud to lead the way in sustainability and pride ourselves on giving back and helping to build our industry. 

Here are some of the steps we take to help the reusable sector and to be more than just a company - we are a company on a mission and passionate about creating positive change in the world.


Charity work

We believe in giving back, so we frequently partner with Work for Good to help support important charity causes. View our previous and ongoing charity campaigns here.

Physical donations

As well as regularly donating to charity groups, we also periodically donate physical nappies and reusable sanitary pads to charities such as Mad4Africa and Forever Angels

Nappy libraries

We support nappy libraries by providing them with a highly discounted price-list. Learn more about our work with nappy libraries here.

The Nappy Alliance Coalition

We are part of The Nappy Alliance, alongside industry leaders Bambino Mio, Close parent, Muslinz, The Flats Company, Baba + Boo and our lovely retail partners The Nappy Gurus and The Washable Nappy Company, along with industry newcomers Pepi Collection and TJ's Reusable Nappies. Together with these fantastic brands, we work towards a plastic-free planet for future generations. Through the nappy alliance, we support the group in lobbying the government to reduce the country's reliance on disposable nappies. Reusable nappies are an easy solution to the overconsumption of plastic, and we believe we need the governments to support making cloth nappies mainstream.

Our Sustainability

All LittleLamb nappies are made in a family-run factory in Turkey under ethical working conditions and shipped via road freight to ensure that we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, giving you peace of mind. If you are a nappy fanatic (aren't we all when it comes to cute prints?), you'll notice that our packs and kits are incredibly affordable.

Our view is simple: quality nappies shouldn't cost a fortune, and everyone should be able to access great reusable nappies.


We stand by our products, so we offer a 6-week risk-free trial. We are not into fast fashion or impulse purchases, and we know the initial investment into a reusable nappy system can be confusing - especially when you try to work out all the different types of reusable nappies available! So, we offer a 6-week risk-free trial to all new customers, meaning you can try reusable nappies for six whole weeks, and if you don't like them, we'll give you a full refund. Learn more here.

Finally, our packaging is proudly plastic-free and recyclable, so you can feel good about shopping with us whenever a little fluffy mail parcel arrives at your doorstep.

While we are not promising to be perfect, we try to do our best!