What is a nappy library?

What is a nappy library?

What is a nappy library?

A nappy library works just like a regular library, but rather than borrow books, the user can borrow reusable nappies.

People also call these "reusable nappy libraries" or "cloth nappy libraries.

Nappy libraries are great as they allow prospective reusable nappy families to try reusable nappies without any cost. It also means the family can try lots of different styles of reusable nappy;

Nappy libraries can be used in person, where you visit the library, or they can be accessed online and the nappies delivered to your door (this method means you’ll have to pay the cost of postage).

How can I support Nappy Libraries?

Volunteers run nappy libraries, and they are not for profit organisations. Nappy libraries are always looking for donations of good condition pre-loved reusable nappies, volunteers and monetary donations. If you would like to get involved and you live in the UK, contact the UK Nappy Network here.

Where can I find my nearest nappy library?

All the UK Nappy Libraries can be found on the UK Nappy Network map. Enter your address to find a cloth nappy library near you! 

How to set up a nappy library?

If you’d like to set up a nappy library, getting in touch with UK Nappy Network is a good place to start. You’ll need insurance, and you should also ensure that you’ll not infringe on a nappy network already serving your community - better to pair up than be competing.

How does Little Lamb support nappy libraries?

Here at Little Lamb, we believe in creating a sustainable future, and nappy libraries are a vital component in the expansion of accessible reusable nappies. While we know some people would prefer to use only new nappies, for some families, the option to rent nappies lifts a substantial financial barrier. 

We support nappy libraries by offering them a hugely discounted purchasing price. If you are setting up a new nappy library, please contact us so we can share the price list with you.

We can also help with promoting new nappy libraries. If you want some help promoting your nappy library, please get in touch with us!