Potty Training Guide: Guest Blog

Potty Training Guide: Guest Blog

Guest blog: Essentials for Potty Training

Insights from friend of LittleLamb, Patricia @This_Mom_Journal 

Does your little one complain when they are wet or dirty and come to you to get changed?

Can you tell when your toddler is doing a wee or a poo as they stay very still (or hide somewhere) and do some cute faces?

Maybe it is time to introduce them to potty training! First of all, don’t worry if you think they are ready but it is still too soon. You can always go back to nappies and start again a few weeks (or months) later!

Let me tell you about my experience with my little girl Alice. Alice was introduced to the potty very early on. When she was about 18 months old, at nappy change time in nursery they started sitting her on the potty. She didn’t do anything at first but with consistency, some cards for word association, soon she started understanding that potty is where you can do the wee wee and the poo poo.

We started replicating it at home and got her a potty first. Between nappy changes she would sit on the potty for a little while. Then she started asking to be changed as soon as she had a poo and we would remind her that we can also do it in the potty.

Fast forward to 2.5 years old we started noticing that she was asking to go to the potty more, even just to sit there with her books. Alice started to want to go to the potty every morning after waking up, before bath and at night before bed. Also, it is normal at this age that they want to follow you everywhere so every time mum goes to the bathroom, her little feet would follow me and ask to sit next to me on the potty. (I know…you can’t have a moment alone anymore! 😀).

For every time we had a successful potty session we celebrate by clapping, doing a little celebration dance and getting a “GOOD JOB” sticker! Even when they don’t do anything, don’t be disappointed. Let’s celebrate anyway that was a really nice try and we can try again next time.

If your baby is showing signs of readiness and showing interest about the whole bathroom routine…maybe its time to give it a try. 

For that, here’s the essentials we gather to get ready for potty training:

  1. The Potty - Any potty is fine or maybe a toilet sit with a step. You can easily find some bamboo eco-friendly potties online. 
  2. LittleLamb Training Pants - These are the perfect little undies for transition from nappies to big girl/boy panties. Thanks to its pull up system they can easily take it down and push it up when they need it. It is absorbent to contain those small accidents in the first few days and it has 3 side poppers to easily remove the panties if there’s a soiled accident and you want to avoid a mess (who doesn’t!!!)
  3. LittleLamb Bamboo wipes - have a bag or box of these next to the potty ready to use. As children like to imitate adults, it is very likely that they will try to wipe themselves too. I would suggest that the wipes are kept dump/wet to easily clean your little ones.
  4. Entertainment - Have a few books/small toys that your baby like at their eyes heigh. It will make them feel comfortable while in the potty.
  5. Stickers - What’s your child favourite animals or colours? Maybe go with it. Or you can have some motivation stickers and read to them. I always find easier to ask Alice to pick each one she would like for her successful trial in the potty. 

Potty training can be a long journey but all it takes is patience. Your little one will be ready and you will know it. Remember to make it fun an easy for them and for the whole family.