50% - 60% off LittleLamb Reusable Nappies and Wraps


      60% of pocket nappies; a pocket nappy is perfect for daytime use. It has a waterproof shell, poppers to fasten and a pocket to insert absorbent boosters and nappy inserts. This type of nappy is most similar to a disposable nappy. 

      50% off fitted nappies; a fitted nappy is the most absorbent reusable nappy, and is perfect for nighttime use. A fitted nappy and wrap can be left on baby overnight for 8+ hours. It is made of 100% absorbent material, and then you must put a wrap over the top or else the nappy is not waterproof. 

      50% off wraps; as above, a wrap is the waterproof cover which pairs with a fitted nappy. 

      50% off zodiac prints; we are clearing out our range of personalised zodiac nappies and wraps. Stock levels are low so get in quickly.