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Jumpstart your reusable nappy journey with our convenient kits. Our kits contain everything you need to switch to reusable nappies today!

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How it works
Daytime Nappy
Onesize Pocket Nappy

Why this is our Best-Selling Nappy

Adjustable Fit: Grows with your baby from 9lbs to potty training.

Easy to Use: Simple to put on and take off, similar to disposables.

Leakproof: Keeps your baby dry and prevents leaks.

Fast Drying:Dries quickly after washing.

How it works
Nighttime Nappy
Fitted Nappy & Wrap

Best Nighttime Nappy Combo
Excellent Absorbency: Up to 12 hours of absorbency, keeps baby dry all night.
Soft and Comfortable: Gentle on baby's skin.
Reliable Leak Protection: Prevents leaks effectively.
Durable: Long-lasting, withstands hundreds of washes and multiple babies.


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Alana and Damian have been using our Onesize Pocket nappy on Isabella during the day, and our Bamboo Nappy and Wrap on her during the night. Hear why they love our nappies!

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Why Choose LittleLamb Reusable Nappies?

Reduce Waste

Every day, 250 million disposable nappies end up in landfills. LittleLamb nappies use 98% fewer resources and produce 99% less waste.

Endless Support

Since 2004 we've helped thousands of parents switch to reusable nappies. Let us help you too!

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 Cost Effective

Save up to £700 with reusable nappies—and even more if you reuse them with another baby.


What happens with the poo?

Newborns have runny poo due to their liquid diet. To manage this, rinse the nappy under running water, either in the toilet, holding one corner firmly.

As your baby starts solids, their poo will change. Use disposable or reusable liners to catch solids, making nappy cleaning easier.

How many nappies will I need

This is always a tough question to answer, as every family has a different routine and lifestyle.

We think 20 nappies will be suitable for most families, if washing to our recommended two day wash cycle is followed. With 20 nappies it will give you ten nappy changes a day at the start - when you use the most and as time goes on baby will use less each day and you’ll be able to relax a little with the routine.

We recommend the Onesize Complete kit (15 Onesize Nappies ) paired with the Fitted Nappy Night-time kit (5 Nighttime nappies). This gives parents a decent amount of nappies to start with and they then top up with 'specials' as time goes on. Once you are on our radar we will keep you up to date with our new edition print ranges and special offers.

What size will my baby need?

Onesize nappies are just that, they are onesize. They will fit a baby from 9lbs right up to potty training.

The fitted nappy and wraps come in sizes 1,2 and 3.

Size 1 will fit most babies from birth to 9 months. If your baby has a low birth weight the size 1 will not fit until baby approaches 9lbs as the leg elastic will be baggy and containment will be compromised.

Size 2 is designed to fit from around 8 months (20lbs) to 2.5 years (38lbs).

Size 3 fits from 30lbs and is designed for toddlers who don’t quite get the hang of potty training, especially good for night time. A lot of babies will be potty trained before they reach this size so will only need the first two sizes.

What do I do when I'm out of the house?

Just the same as if you are using disposable nappies; pack enough nappies for your trip. When it comes to change-time, simply store your used nappies in one of our waterproof wet bags. When you get home, remove any poo from the nappies and store them in your nappy pail. Simple!

Isn't it really time consuming?

Washing, drying and prepping reusable nappies takes around 45 minutes per week.  

Additionally we find that babies who have used reusable nappies are potty trained sooner.

is it hygienic? 

Yes, reusable nappies are hygienic. The nappy liner catches the baby's poo, making the removal easy. Simply flick the poo off the reusable liner, or throw away the disposable liner.
Once the poo has been disposed of, the nappy is placed in a smell-proof nappy pail for storage.

From here you simply put all items into the washing machine and when you next touch the nappies, they are clean.

How do LittleMamb nappies hold up compared to disposables?

Many of our parents tell us their reusable nappies hold up better than any disposable nappies they used.

Why is this? Disposables use chemical superabsorbeny polymers, which store a lot of moisture but not very quickly. This means a baby can easily flood the nappy.

Our bamboo absorbs moisture quickly, which results in less flooding.

Reusable nappies are also so easy to cusomise to baby's needs. Simply add more absorbent material in the form of a nappy booster.