Using Cloth Nappy Guides

We have written these guides to make your journey using cloth nappies easier. If you have any more questions after reading the guide please get in touch.

Nappy Kit Guides. 
Please click the links below to view our washing guides. If you are printing these out please print our "print friendly" version so you do not use all your computer ink. 

- Premium Nappy Kit Guide (Sized Pocket Nappy)
- Print friendly Premium Nappy Kit Guide
 Pocket Nappy Leaks Guide

- Standard Nappy Kit Guide (Two-part Nappy)
- Print friendly Standard Nappy Kit Guide
 Most Common Reasons for Leaks Guide

- Economy Nappy Kit Guide (Onesize Pocket Nappy)
Print Friendly Economy Nappy Kit Guide 
- Onesize Pocket Nappy Leaks Guide