Cheatsheet: How to stop reusable nappies leaking

Cheatsheet: How to stop reusable nappies leaking

When it comes to cloth nappies, you may experience some wee leaks. However, before doubting your choice to use reusable diapers, remember the well-known event dubbed as the “Poonami”, in which poop explodes from a disposable nappy frequently, rarely, if ever, happens with cloth nappies. Think about which is worse and rest assured, wee leaks can be easily troubleshot!

Generally, cloth nappies will leak due to a poorly fitted nappy, lack of absorbency, a build-up of product, damage to the waterproofing or compression leaks. Luckily, all of these problems are easily solved!

To assist you on your reusable nappy journey, we've created a downloadable leaks cheat sheet. Save this on your phone to refer to once you get started.

Download here. 

little lamb leaks cheat sheet - how to stop reusable cloth nappies from leaking