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Cloth Sanitary Pads - Everything you need to know

LittleLamb Cloth Sanitary Pads are an eco-friendly, waste-free, money-saving way to manage your monthly cycle. Our Pantyliner, Day pad and Night pad all have a layer of superabsorbent bamboo, combined with a layer of unique microfibre that quickly wicks away moisture, leaving you feeling fresher for longer. Wash and reuse for 3+ years - less waste into landfills and waterways, healthier on your body and so cost effective!
How to use:how to use reusable cloth sanitary pads guide little lamb nappies

Attach the pad your underwear by wrapping the wings around the gusset of your underwear and closing the poppers
We recommend wearing our Panty Liner and Day pad for 4-5 hours and our Night pad for 6-7 hours.
After each wear, rinse the pad under cold water and store in your wet bag.
Wash within 48 hours.

Please keep in mind every body is unique, and your flow and comfort level may be different so please consider our advice as a starting point only.


how to wash cloth sanitary pads by littlelamb

Washing instructions:
After use give the sanitary pad a quick rinse in cold water before storing in your wet bag.
We recommend washing within 48 hours in a 30-degree cycle using non-bio powder.
Line dry.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener as this will affect the absorbency of the bamboo inner.

To minimize staining you can soak your pads in cold water before washing.

Note: Prewash 3 times before first use to reach maximum absorbency - no need to dry in-between cycles.


how to store cloth sanitary pads by little lamb nappies

We recommend our wet bag as a sanitary method of storing our Cloth Sanitary Pads. Using a double zip wet bag means you have a space to store clean and dirty pads without contaminating the clean ones. 

When storing your sanitary pads in a handbag or backpack, we suggest you keep them folded into the square so they stay clean and sanitary.


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