Enchanted: New Onesize Pocket Nappy Prints!

Enchanted: New Onesize Pocket Nappy Prints!

We are so happy to introduce our newest collection, Enchanted. You’ll see gorgeous new characters to add to your little lamb stash; a family of gnomes, a froggy full of attitude and a jolly-looking unicorn.

Illustrated by our founder Esme, this collection is a bit outside of our usual style.

"I was in a philosophical 'life isn't all rainbows and unicorns' moment when I drew this collection, as it hasn't been the easiest few years for us personally; I was diagnosed with leukaemia in Feb 2022, and being a small company, that really took a toll on what we could deliver. Thankfully I am in remission, but it has been a really challenging 12 months. When I was drawing, I thought any parent doing a lonely nappy change in the middle of the night might smile when they picked up these nappies. I hope these nappies bring joy and lots of smiles to your families”.

This print is currently available in our Onesize Pocket Nappy, Onesize Pocket Nappy 5 Packs, and our super popular Onesize Pocket Nappy Complete Kit. Available to purchase from Monday 27th March 2023. 

Thank you for your continued support; our loyal fan base is the most rewarding part of this company. Remember to tag us on social media so we can see all your cute #onthebum shots!

frog reusable nappy print on 6 month baby

little lamb gnome nappy print

little lamb unicorn nappy print

little baby boy wearing gnome print reusable nappy

two little toddlers wearing littlelamb unicorn reusable nappy

toddler wearing gnome print little lamb reusable nappy

newborn baby wearing little lamb reusable nappy print