2 cans of absorbency bamboo reusable nappy

How absorbent are reusable nappies?

bamboo nappies hold 2 cans of liquid

Reusable nappies are super absorbent, and lots of people start using them purely because of this! We’ve anecdotally heard of our Fitted nappies lasting for 12 plus hours overnight, this is commonly commented in our reviews: 

"The very best nappies
We’ve been using little lamb fitted bamboo nappies and wraps for a few months now, they are by FAR the best we’ve tried, super soft, wash brilliantly and are so absorbent we never have any leaks even after 12 hours through the night. The price is great for the quality of these!" - Charlotte, P.

But, how much liquid do LittleLamb reusable nappies actually hold? We decided to lab-test for absorbency, as this is really the most important element of any nappy!

While there is not a nappy-specific test we could use, we found Shirley Tech who tested our nappies using a standardised test called ‘urine-absorbing aids’ (BSISO 11948-1:1996). 

We sent Shirley Tech our Fitted Bamboo nappy, Onesize Pocket Nappy with the two bamboo doubl'rs we provide and our most recent product development, our Super Soaker hemp cotton booster

The Shirley Tech Results;

- The Bamboo Nappy can absorb 712ml

- The Onesize Pocket Nappy with two bamboo doublr's can absorb 500ml

- The Super Soaker hemp booster can absorb 173ml

Click here to download the full results

How good are these results! Our bamboo nappy has been our hero product since we introduced it in late 2005, and now we can firmly back up our claim that this is a super thirsty nappy!

We are really happy to see our Onesize pocket performed well too. We actually developed the Super Soaker hemp cotton booster to use with our Onesize pocket nappy, so if you add them together you’ll get nearly as much absorption as a fitted bamboo nappy!

It is important to note these tests do not involve testing with compression - so while we would love to write ‘our nappies hold 700ml of wee!’ we are providing this with a caveat; our nappies ‘can’ absorb 700ml of wee. We know if your baby is wriggling around, or lying in a full nappy for an extended amount of time with 700ml absorbed, leaks may happen! 

We advise changing every few hours during the day, or straight away if the baby has done a poo. However, knowing a nappy could hold this amount of liquid makes the bamboo perfect for a nighttime nappy! Shop our nighttime kit here to save 20%. 

how often to change a reusable nappy

The best thing about reusable nappies is you can adjust the absorbency to meet your baby's individual needs. If you are not getting long enough from the nappy, add another booster! As well as our fabulous super soakers, we have our super popular triple layer bamboo booster; as it sounds, three layers of absorbent bamboo! Click here to view our boosters.