LittleLamb Onesize Pocket Nappy Guide

LittleLamb Onesize Pocket Nappy Guide

Thank you for choosing LittleLamb Onesize Pocket Nappy. These special nappies are very new, modern design and are super slimline. The nappy holds no absorption by itself, the absorption is created by inserting two very thirsty bamboo layers of fabric, known as a booster. The sizing is changed by popping together the poppers meaning this nappy can take your baby from birth to potty, saving you lots of money! We have written this guide to help you on your washable nappy journey but if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch - we are here to help. 

little lamb one size pocket nappy guide

This is the shaped fabric with poppers, soft fleece inside and waterproof outside layer. The layer between these two different fabrics is the 'pocket' - this is where the boosters are stuffed. 
Liner The liner is a white piece of soft, fluffy fabric. The liners job is to catch the poo, this makes washing easier. You can choose whether to use this or to use the disposable version on the roll included in this kit. If using disposable liners with a new born baby, you can cut the liner in half so it is not so big in the nappy but never fold it in half as this will prevent absorption by the nappy. As the nappy is lined with a micro fleece, you do not have to use a liner, but most prefer to use one.
Booster These are the magical layer of bamboo fabric that absorbs all the liquid. If you find that 2 boosters is not absorbent enough for night times, pop in an additional booster on top of the fleece next to the babies bottom. We also have shaped hemp boosters that are hourglass shaped, designed to get into all the corners of the pocket.

1) Use the poppers below the ones for the waist fastening (2 rows of 3 poppers) to adjust the height of the nappy to suit babies size.
2) Insert booster into pocket of the nappy.
3) Add a liner (optional).
4) Fasten nappy on baby ensuring that when it is done up you can run a finger along the leg seam. 

When changing your baby you have to dispose of the poo - do not place a nappy full of poo into your bucket or wet bag. If you are using a washable liner and it has
a poo on it, hold it firmly over the toilet and stretch it, gravity should push off any solids into the toilet. If it is a runny poo, hold the liner in the toilet and flush while
rubbing it with a toilet brush - but ensure the nappy bucket/bag is close or you will drip water over the floor.
We recommend storing dirty nappies in our nappy bucket lined with the mesh laundry bag, or in our hanging nappy pail.
If you are using a disposable liner, dispose of the liner into the bin. 

We recommend washing every 2 days. Warm water (40 degrees) with non-bio detergent, no fabric softener and absolutely no bleach. Boosters should be removed from the nappy pocket for washing and drying. Dry on a washing line or tumble dry on a low heat.
Tumble drying is fine, but if you want your nappies to last subsequent babies, or if you plan to resell your nappies after use then we recommend line drying to extend the life of the nappies. 

Download this guide HERE.

If you have any questions, feedback or are just feeling unsure then please contact us. We are here to help!
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(International) +44 1269 82 57 58