Onesize Pocket Nappy VS Sized Pocket Nappy

Onesize Pocket Nappy VS Sized Pocket Nappy

At Littlelamb we have two kinds of pocket nappy; a sized pocket nappy (included in our premium kit) and a Onesize pocket (included in our economy kit). These are two different styles of nappy, with two different inserts/boosters for the pocket.


Pocket nappies are a modern solution to reusable nappies. They consist of a waterproof PUL outer and fleece inner with an opening along the back of the nappy in which you can insert as much (or as little) absorbency as the baby requires. If there is nothing in the pocket the nappy will have no absorbency.
Pocket nappies are very simple nappies to use and are quick to dry. While they do not provide the same level of containment or absorbency as our standard two-part system, they are very quick and simple to use and are ideal for babies in childcare as their application is the same as a disposable.

Sized Pocket Nappy:

little lamb sized pocket nappy information image to show benefits. Woven bamboo insert

Our sized pocket nappy is our premium pocket nappy offering. This pocket nappy has a double gusset leg and comes in three sizes that will enable a great fit on baby as they grow and progress through the sizes. The insert that comes with this nappy is our extremely absorbent bamboo pocket insert. This is a square of woven bamboo fabric that you fold into three and insert into the pocket, creating three layers of absorbency with hardly any bulk.

OneSize Pocket Nappy
little lamb one size pocket nappy different sizes

The Onesize pocket nappy is our economy pocket nappy offering. This pocket nappy comes with two of our best selling bamboo boosters to insert into the pocket. The nappy has elasticated leg holes and a popper design that can be adjusted to suit your baby as it grows. These have three settings of length adjusting poppers and lots of poppers around the waist and can fit babies from 10-35lbs.
Our Onesie pocket nappy is a great option if you are looking to save lots of money as this nappy will fit most babies from birth to potty.

onesize pocket nappy on toddler running down hill little lamb brand

Both of our pocket nappies are suitable for extra boosting, the inserts/boosters the nappies come with are what we think your baby will need but if they are exceptionally heavy wetters you can adjust the absorbency by adding more boosters into the pocket. Our triple thickness bamboo booster is a good booster to add as it will give you three extra layers of bamboo to soak up wetness with not much-added bulk.

Our pocket nappies styles are both lined with super-soft fleece that draws away moisture to the inner insert protecting baby's skin. The elastic is super soft to prevent chaffing baby's skin. We have gone to great lengths to find an American made elastic that with proper laundry care will last.

Our standard two-part nappies can last 4-5 babies but as these are Pocket nappies PUL based they will not last as long, we guarantee 400 washes.

We know it can be tempting to buy the very cheap, unbranded pocket nappies available on Ebay but those nappies are not guaranteed to be made to EU safety standards. Our nappies are made in Turkey and conform to all EU regulations and have fabric Oeko Teks safety certification. This means the poppers are securely fastened to the nappies at the safety levels required for baby clothing. All parts of fabric production and product manufacturing are chemically safe and conform to the highest stipulated safety standards required for baby clothing. At LittleLamb your babies health is important to us.