Reusable Wipes: Our Guide to the easiest sustainable switch!

Reusable Wipes: Our Guide to the easiest sustainable switch!

We think switching to reusable wipes is the easiest sustainable hack you can make. Not only will you be sending less waste to landfill, you’ll also be saving yourself money. Reusable wipes are one of the easiest plastic-free switches you can make because they can be washed with your regular washes and then placed directly in a wet bag for use straight away!

Lots of families who do not use cloth nappies still use washable wipes, as they are so much kinder on the skin (no nasty chemicals) and your family's budget - it's a win win. 

What are reusable wipes?

Reusable wipes are essentially slimmer, more compact, easier to use flannels! They are reusable pieces of fabric that you can use to clean babies' bums, hands, faces and everything in between. Being reusable, you can simply use, wash and repeat. 

We think reusable wipes even better than disposable wipes for removing mess. We find you’ll only use one or two per change, which is vastly different from using disposable wipes where you could use 5,6,7 per nappy change!

Reusable wipes are made from all types of fabric, but we prefer bamboo fabric because it is soft, lightly textured and great at picking up the dirt, and it is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world! Our washable bamboo wipes are also very generously sized, giving you more use from each wipe!

How do I start using reusable wipes?

All you need is a bundle of wipes, and a water-resistant container; this can be a reusable wet bag or just a good Tupperware container. For out-and-about use, we prefer a double pocket wet bag, this means you can have one pocket for dirty and one for clean. 

How many reusable wipes do I need?

If used for changing nappies only, we recommend starting with 40 wipes. On average, a newborn baby will be changed ten times per day, so 40 gives you enough stock to have some dirty, some in the wash and some ready to use. We believe it is better to order slightly more than you expect to use, so you have a bit of a backup if you fall behind on washing. A full-time set of 40 wipes will last approx. 15-20 nappy changes.

Can I use reusable wipes on my newborn?

Yes! Reusable wipes are a great alternative to cotton wool and water method, as recommended by health professionals. Reusable wipes have no chemicals or added perfumes, as they are just damp pieces of cloth, which is perfect for those early days and weeks when a baby’s skin is sensitive. We recommend damp bamboo fabric wipes as bamboo is one of the softest options for reusable wipes.

How do I store reusable wipes? 

You can store the reusable wipes in a Tupperware box or wet bag so they are wet and ready to go. As they are used you can put them in the nappy bucket and wash them with the reusable nappies (up to 60 degrees) or your regular clothes washing. There is no need to dry them when they come out of the wash. Just put them back in the Tupperware box, add some more water to make them damp and they're ready again. They won't go stale or stagnant as you'll go through them too quickly. 

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