Toddler Nappies; tips and tricks

Toddler Nappies; tips and tricks

Using cloth nappies for older babies is different from using them on a newborn baby. When it comes to toddler nappies, there are a few hints and tricks that you can use to get the most out of cloth nappies. 
  • Fabric matters! Use Cotton, Bamboo or Hemp as these are less likely to cause a compression leak, so they work much better for active toddlers. 

  • Toddlers often go longer between wee's and produce lots of liquid when they go. Extra inserts help; changing nappies as soon as they are wet help to stop things from becoming too sodden.

  • Setting the nappy on a larger setting leaves more room for extra inserts.

  • Reuse old nappies as training pants! Old cloth nappies, with loose elastic, make an excellent alternative to training pants, as they are usually relatively easy to pull up and down.

  • If you have more than one baby in nappies, Onesize nappies can be used on both babies; if you prefer to not share nappies (although it really doesn't matter), set them up in the child's size, ready for use. It's convenient to have nappies prepped in advance for a toddler change as it can be much more "lively".

  • Often babies will be in the same size for a long time; as toddlers become more active and grow taller, they tend to stretch out and become longer, but the waist and thigh size don't increase too much. Don't panic if your little one is in the largest size early; they are likely to be in it for an extended period, probably even until toilet training!
Starting Cloth Nappies with a Toddler
Many people don't start using cloth nappies until their baby is a little older. If you go straight into toddler-sized nappies, you will probably not need as many nappies. As children get closer to toilet training age, they tend to go longer between going to the toilet, so they don't need changing as often. They will need an absorbent nappy, but you won't change as often as you will with a newborn, so 10-15 cloth nappies are usually enough for this age.