What are vest extenders used for?

What are vest extenders used for?

What are vest extenders used for?

Vest extenders are pieces of fabric with poppers (snaps) on each end; they are attached to the crotch of a vest to increase the length of normal-sized baby vests, rompers and bodysuits, allowing extended wear of baby’s clothing.

Vest extenders popper onto the bottom of the baby vest and add approx. 4 inches (10cm) to the overall length.

LittleLamb vest extenders come in packs of 3 in white cotton. The three poppers are 9mm in diameter and positioned 15-20mm apart (there is some sideward stretch to this product).

Are baby vest extenders suitable for reusable nappies? 

Vest extenders are extremely useful for reusable nappies because reusable nappies are generally bulkier than disposable nappies, especially when the reusable nappies are boosted as night-time nappies (fitted nappies and wraps). Vest extenders make extra room to accommodate the larger nappy, reducing the risk of compression leaks. 

Vest extenders are also very helpful for the transition between clothing sizes - giving you flexibility and getting a lot more wear from baby’s clothing, saving you money.

We find these work with most chain store clothes, but they do not fit Frugi, Green baby, Baby cap, Wilkinsons and Mini Mode. 

Can I make vest extenders at home?

If you are a little crafty, then vest extenders should be easy to make at home. You’ll have to purchase a popper/snaps kit and good-quality cotton. It’ll probably be easier if you just buy these from LittleLamb… 

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