What is a Nappy Liner?

What is a Nappy Liner?

A Nappy Liner is a layer of fabric that catches the solids but lets the liquid soak through into the nappy. Liners have no absorbency value and are used to make nappy changes easier. Liners are the last piece of fabric on the nappy stack and go right next to babies bottom.washable fleecy liner

In the image above, the liner is the top layer of fluffy white fabric. This is our Washable Fleecy Liner, made from a special ultra-soft microfleece for babies maximum comfort. As microfleece is an extruded filament nothing really sticks to it so this fabric is perfect for reusable liners.Washable Fleecy Liners are available in size 1 and size 2.
We recommend the reusable liners as they create less waste for landfill, and will save you time and money because they will never need replacing.
Our bamboo, cotton, organic cotton and microfibre nappies all come with a reusable liner included in the cost of the product.

little lamb liner options

The rolls above are our two options of disposable liners. Each has 100 on a roll so will last 100 nappy changes. We have a soft bamboo viscose liner or our regular disposable version. Both should be disposed of into the bin and not flushed down the toilet.
When out and about using a disposable liner can make nappy changes much easier and quicker.
The huge benefit of the bamboo disposable liners is they are made from PLA (a bioplastic) that naturally degrades when exposed to the environment. PLA liners will take between two and twelve months to degrade in a landfill situation.

How To Use?
When changing baby, if you are using a washable liner and it has poo on it, hold it firmly over the toilet and stretch it, gravity should push off any solids into the toilet. If it is a runny poo, hold the liner in the toilet and flush while rubbing it with a toilet brush - but ensure the nappy bucket/bag is close or you will drip water over the floor.
If you are using a disposable liner you remove from the dirty nappy and dispose into the bin. 

All LittleLamb liners are suitable for use with any real nappy systems. 
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