LittleLamb Supports NEW Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme

LittleLamb Supports NEW Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme

We are happy to support The Nappy Lady with their NEW Reusable Nappy incentive scheme!

Wendy and her team from The Nappy Lady work tirelessly to help and support families with the advice they need to use reusable/washable nappies successfully. Still, they saw a gap in the offering for parents who are apprehensive about starting reusable nappies:

"Across the UK, many local authorities offer schemes to encourage families to start using cloth nappies, but this is very much a postcode letter. The Nappy Lady Reusable Nappy incentive scheme is open to families across the UK, making it accessible even if your local council doesn't have a scheme in place," says The Nappy Lady. "These kits are designed to help you switch to reusable nappies by trying a sample range at a hugely discounted price".

Our fitted bamboo nappy is featured in the £30 "TNL Reusable Nappy Taster Pack". What's included: a small selection of various nappy types and brands so you can compare products side by side. Our nappy sits alongside other fantastic brands such as Little Lovebum, Close parent and Rumparooz. 

Check out The Nappy Lady's Reusable Nappy incentive scheme and try the bundle that features our extremely popular bamboo nappy! Ts&C's apply - click here to learn more.

This incentive scheme is excellent if you want to try different brands! However, if you are already a LittleLamb convert - all NEW customers can purchase any LittleLamb items and be eligible for a 6-week risk-free trial. Learn more here!

Another fantastic free nappy scheme is Real Nappies for London - learn more.