Toddler Nappies: Kacie

Toddler Nappies: Kacie

"The Onesize pocket nappy makes up the majority of my nappy stash for £11.99 you cannot go wrong lasting from around 8weeks to potty training! They come with 2 double bamboo inserts which are super thin & thirsty, however I did find putting a cotton or microfibre on top of these worked for me as my toddler was a "flooder" The inside of the nappy has a fleece lining, which is super soft on baby's skin!

I was so chuffed with with sized pocket nappy I was gifted by Little Lamb, It was the first one I tried and I loved it. The fit around my toddler is lovely, we're out of nappies in the daytime but we use this as a nighttime nappy with the bamboo woven insert & 2 double bamboo boosters. It leaves no sock marks, compared to other nappies I've tried. The double gussets ensured no leaks too! Retailing at £16.50 they're a little more expensive and won't fit for the whole cloth journey like the Onesize nappies but they're definitely worth it in my opinion. I will definitely buy more for my newborn.

Since the start of my cloth journey I've always used the fitted nappies & wraps for nighttime. I found with the fitted bamboo nappy as my son got older he did unfortunately start to "flood" meaning he would hold his urine for a long amount of time then do a huge wee, the bamboo not being quick enough to absorb the urine. Being a loyal Little Lamb customer I decided to stick to the brand I know & love however I switched to using the fitted cotton nappies in the size 3, even though he is only 13kg the size 2 were a bit snug and sat quite low, maybe due to him being quite tall. Personally find the cotton nappies work better for my toddler" 

Kacie 4/11/21


*A few nappies mentioned in this review were gifted in exchange for content creation.


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