5 Easy Plastic-Free July Swaps for Parents

5 Easy Plastic-Free July Swaps for Parents

Plastic Free July Challenge has taken the world by storm over the last few years, supported by a global movement to become more conscious. But for some, making plastic free swaps can seem daunting, and sometimes be quite expensive! With the cost of living on a dramatic rise, we’ve written this guide to show you that making these environmentally friendly changes can not only help the environment, it can save your family money!

We believe reusable products are the future. In fact, they used to the past but since the invention and mass adoption of plastic, as a society we seem to have forgotten how to wash and reuse 99% of items!

  1. Start using cloth nappies!

    Are you still on the fence about using cloth nappies?
On average, one baby will have 6,500 nappy changes from birth to potty; when you are buying disposable nappies at an average of £0.12 per change, this is a cost that can add up fast. In comparison, we see families save around of £700 when they switch to reusable nappies! 

And, if those same cloth nappies are used on subsequent children, their nappy lifetime is for free!

    A good place to start is with our Reusable Nappy Trial Kit; this way you can try one of each of our nappies and it is at a discounted price! 

    Checkout this blog post to see more ways you can save money by using reusable nappies and our tips and tricks for the most economic ways to use them.

  2. Swap those wet wipes for reusable wipes!

    Switching to reusable wipes is probably the easiest of all our Plastic Free July swaps because reusable wipes don't need any special care and can just be chucked in with your regular washing. You don’t even need to dry reusable wipes; just pop them in a reusable wet bag and they are ready to clean up all mucky messes!

  3. Reusable breast pads 

    These are a small cost, but overtime the continual purchases add up! Our bamboo breast pads are super highly rated; ‘most comfortable’ by The Independent and ‘best for size’ by Made for Mums. 

  4. Use washable fleecy nappy liners

    We recommend disposable nappy liners for when you are out and about as they can make nappy changes a bit easier when in a public toilet and for nursery etc but we highly recommend reusable liners for all other nappy changes! This will save you lots of money, as one disposable liner can cost around of 5pence per sheet! 
    We've been making our breast pads for over 15 years! 

  5. Switch to Cloth Sanitary Pads

    Reusable sanitary pads used to be a very niche market, but in the last few years we have seen lots and lots of new customers start using them as they become more mainstream. And, if you already have cloth nappies going through the wash, these can be put into the same cycle! Easy peasy.
    Nervous? Start small with our trail pack