Cloth Nappies for Child Care

Cloth Nappies for Child Care

So, you’ve mastered cloth nappies at home, but now you want to start using them full time - including at nursery.

Going back to work and leaving your baby with someone else is not always easy! Plus, when you have your baby in cloth nappies, which is (still) not what most families use, sometimes you can be met confused or scared faces. 

Maybe your baby will be the first in cloth nappies in their nursery. Maybe whoever is taking care of your baby has zero experience with reusable nappies. 

But fear not! We’ve made this little guide on how to get your best foot forward with introducing your cloth bum baby to the nursery. 

The key is to keep it simple… Because it is simple!

  1. Demonstrate how to fit a cloth nappy on the first day and carefully explain how the different components work together. Explain that changing the cloth nappy is no different from a disposable nappy change. The only difference is the dirty nappy goes home with baby to be washed. 
  2. Keep it simple and always send the same type of nappy - this way, the carer only has to learn one type of cloth nappy.
  3. Send one nappy for every 2 hours your baby is away, plus one extra for mistakes. So, if your baby is in the nursery for 4 hours, we recommend sending 3 nappies!
  4. Prepare all the nappies in advance, so they are ready to be used. Insert all the boosters, put the liners in place and pop all the snaps as if it was fitted on your baby. 
  5. Send a storage bag! We recommend either using two separate wet bags or sending one of our double zipped wet bags - this means you have space for the clean and dirty nappies! This also saves you on washing if the baby hasn’t used all the nappies - the clean ones are still ok to use at home. 
  6. Note that the whole nappy area from the waist downwards needs to be cleaned properly, not just the genitals. This should be obvious, given that the whole of this area will get wet, but it often does not seem to be.
  7. Add one of our Nappy Guides for further instructions on how to fit the nappy to baby 


Our Cloth Nappy Guide can be downloaded here and you'll also get a physical copy when you purchase for the first time from us! 

Remember, you do not need to be apologetic about your choice of nappy, and you should also ensure that agreed arrangements are adhered to. However, it is best to be as non-confrontational as possible about this, since you want to retain their co-operation. 

And finally, if they have any questions, they can ask us!