How to store reusable nappies long term

How to store reusable nappies long term

Can I store my reusable nappies between children?

Yes. If you store your reusable nappies safely between children, you will be able to use them again on your next child.

What's the issue with storing reusable nappies long term?

The main concern about the storage of reusable nappies (or any clothes, really) is elastic. Elastic breaks down over time. 

If you want to store nappies long-term, here's the best advice. However, this doesn't guarantee the elastic will last during storage, but it gives you the best chance of success.

How to store reusable nappies long term?

Ensuring your reusable nappies are well stored is crucial to be being able to use them again on your next child. Choosing the correct storage method will ensure your nappies are in good condition when you go to use them again. 

1. Wash the nappies. To ensure they are extra clean we recommend doing your regular wash routine, and then repeating with one or two hot wash cycles with no detergent. See our comprehensive washing guide here

2. Ensure the nappies are completely dry. 

Your nappies are now ready for storage.

The do's and don't's of long term reusable nappy storage


  • Don't store them in places that get huge variations of heat, or anywhere that is damp. Attics and garages usually fall into these categories. 
  • Don't put them in vacuum seal bags; this can damage the elastics and PUL.
  • Don't put them in sealed plastic boxes
  • Don't store them in an airing cupboard
  • Don't use plastic shopping bags & similar as these can trap moisture and cause the yellowing of fabrics.


  • Store them in a wardrobe, under the bed or in a well ventilated storage cupboard (like under the stairs). 
  • Use breathable containers like a storage bag, pillow care or cardboard boxes. Remember these won't protect against insects or vermin and some cardboard is quite acidic, but a lot will depend on where the box is kept and in what conditions. 
  • Adding tissue paper or those little silica packet you get from shoeboxes can help with any moisture.


What to do with old reusable nappies?

If you don't think you will have any more children or don't want to risk storing your reusable nappies in the small chance they are unusable when they are taken out of storage, here are some other options:


What is 'long-term storage' for reusable nappies?

Generally, the elastic in good condition in nappies show little storage effect for 3 to 6 months. Anything over this - especially over 12 months - is considered long-term. The longer a nappy is stored, the less the chance of the elastic surviving. However, you can replace elastic in reusable nappies, so this isn't the world's end.