Potty Training Pants 3 Pack

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Introducing our innovative potty-training pants – the perfect crossover between a pull-up and training pants. Crafted for a seamless transition from nappies to regular undies, these clever pants feature an absorbent hemp/cotton inner layer and a waterproof outer layer, eliminating the need for bulky disposable pull-ups.

Quick-release snaps make bathroom breaks a breeze, and sizes up to 4 years old cater to various needs, including incontinence. Not just for potty training, these pants are a versatile solution for parents seeking convenience, sustainability, and comfort.

Choose confidence with a product that promotes wetness awareness, aiding in the transition to regular undies. Our commitment to natural fabrics, including OEKO-TEX® certified materials, ensures the best for your little one.

Say goodbye to disposable pull-ups and embrace a smarter, eco-friendly approach with our potty-training pants – your all-in-one solution for hassle-free toilet training.

Using our potty-training pants is simple and efficient:

  1. Transition Step: Use the pants as a transitional step from nappies to regular underwear. The absorbent hemp/cotton inner layer and waterproof outer layer provide a unique balance.

  2. Feeling Wetness: The pants allow your child to feel dampness without the mess, promoting awareness. This is crucial for the transition to regular undies.

  3. Quick Release: The quick-release snaps make bathroom breaks easy. Anticipate when your child needs to use the potty and remove the pants swiftly.

  4. Washing: Cleaning is a breeze; wash in a hot wash, line dry and repeat. 

  5. Versatility: Beyond potty training, these pants also cater to incontinence in older children. Choose the appropriate size, available up to 4 years old, for optimal support.

  6. Sustainability: Embrace an eco-friendly approach by ditching disposable pull-ups. Our pants offer a reusable, sustainable solution for your child's toilet training journey.

  7. Comfort Priority: With natural fabrics, including a soft cotton terry lining and two layers of natural hemp and cotton, prioritise your child's comfort throughout the process.

Make toilet training a positive experience with our versatile and user-friendly potty-training pants – the smart choice for parents seeking ease, sustainability, and comfort.

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  1. Hold the nappy or washable liner over the toilet and ease off the solids. If using a disposable liner, bin it, don't flush it.
  2. Close any velcro tabs.
  3. Put them in a dry pail with lid. Wait until you have a full load.
  4. Wash them with a gentle washing powder on a full cycle using the recommended amount of washing powder for load size and water hardness. Note - DO NOT ADD BLEACHING AGENTS OR FABRIC SOFTENERS.
  5. Hang out to dry in direct sunshine or near (but not touching ) a direct heat, or tumble dry on a low heat. 


"How many reusable nappies do I need?" The answer varies depending on your individual situation. Factors such as your washing and drying facilities, your baby's age and change frequency, and whether you're using cloth nappies full or part time all play a role. However, as a general guideline, we recommend the following quantities for full-time use and washing every second day:

  • Newborns: 30 nappies and 10 wraps
  • 8 weeks to 6 months: 15 pocket nappies, 5 fitted night nappies, and 2-5 wraps.
  • 6 months and up: 12 pocket nappies, 3 fitted nappies, and 2-4 wraps

While having more nappies can make things easier, the above quantities are all that's necessary. We understand the temptation to get carried away with patterns, but anything beyond these numbers is just a nice bonus.

Cloth nappies save you £££s

Reusable nappies will save you money. You can save £700 when switching to cloth nappies and even more if you use your nappies on a second child. Even if you switch to one reusable nappy a day, you'll still make a financial saving while helping preserve the planet your baby will inherit.

Cloth vs disposable

Globally, every four days 1 billion single-use disposable nappies go to landfill or incineration. Each disposable nappy can take up to 500 years to decompose. Reusable nappies can reduce household plastic waste and your family's carbon footprint by 40%.

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